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There’s a ton of negativity in the world, so naturally it will program your mind for you if you don’t do it yourself with positivity. Example in this Video Below-

I don’t care what anyone tells me, I limit the amount of certain music I listen to, negative people around me if ANY… along with the news/tv as much as possible.

Stay Focused

For almost everything I do, there’s with a motivational video or audio playing in the background. It feeds my subconscious even if I’ve listened to it many times before. This is usually when I’m doing everything aside from making music. Also, when I exercise there’s usually a person talking over motivational music in my earphones. Call me crazy but don’t dare leave out the word DETERMINED!

Successful people are willing to do what unsuccessful people aren’t willing to do – for the quote to be so simple, I’m baffled by the amount of laziness in some who call their selves, “motivated” or “determined”…

If something bothers me enough to get me upset, I resort to something motivational that I’ve never heard before to take my mind completely off of it and when that doesn’t work…I watch something funny which literally is the secret to releasing negativity when nothing else works…at least in my experience. Steve Harvey touched on this a time or two in his show while Ellen and Jim Carrey also reiterated that in some form as well.

Laughter helps to free your mind when your usual fix cannot and hopefully you know I’m not referring to drugs. The gym, hiking, reading, writing(wasn’t trying to rhyme but I did) running, swimming and more can all be fixes but unfortunately not everyone gives these things the time of day to build their energy, awareness, mindset, endurance etc. I don’t drink coffee at all and I often have more energy than most people that do… Normally, I exercise long before my day begins to physically and mentally prepare myself for whatever it has to throw at me. I wasn’t always like this, read on..

Don’t Stall – You Become What You Watch, You Attract What You Are

I realized a long time ago that every single thing in this world has influence on you whether you believe/realize it or not. Whatever goes inside your subconscious mind through your ears and eyes will eventually come out whether it’s in the form of attitude or the lack of it. This is why it’s important to monitor everything at the door and if negative people, events and circumstances get through easily…GET A NEW BOUNCER! HOW? Personal development below that I indulge in as much as possible!

Many people overindulge in negative Facebook feeds, news and tv… Well I can barely even spell tv..wait.. read on.. “What goes in, must come out..” Ever notice those who overindulge in tv drama always seem full of it their self? Folks glued to negativity in the news barely have any good news to report back either.

I choose to listen to and view videos compiled in my playlist below however, I also do the most important thing after…TAKE ACTION ON INFO I ACQUIRE! Too much of anything isn’t good and moreover, knowledge without action is still knowledge. How do you think the cake will come out if you leave the flour in the cabinet? Information is the exact same, you’ll need to mix it with movement.

I’ve always known this, but I actually began putting it into practice more in late 2016. I was always positive but occasionally I’d fall off the wagon and fiend for personal development again. Then I realized… and this is an AWESOME epiphany here.. if I spend most of my time feeding my subconscious with good seeds, it’ll become second nature.

November 30, 2016 Short Story, but none of my stories are ever short
I walked into the office of a work colleague of mine named Shaina… Shaina with an “I” not “Y”…anyway she happens to have a very positive influence on me at work because no matter how stupid anyone or a situation around her is… it never seems to phase her. Alicia Keys sang once, “..don’t let emotions show..” Shaina wrote the song for Alicia 😀 But seriously, she’s younger than me but if there’s anyone I ever wanted to model in terms of mindset and drive, it’s her.

Wearing my emotions on my sleeve has been an issue for me since birth(not really) so when I witness people that can persevere through foolishness with a smile, I tend to gravitate in their direction simply because if you want to become someone great, you should hang around great people. A frog will learn to bark if it hangs around dogs long enough. Anyway, someone that gives off a positive vibe will always invite more positivity, ideas and growth often within everyone around them without even opening their mouth. Immediately after entering the office an idea came to me.. Telling her to ask “what are you listening to?” anytime she saw me angry… She even wrote it on a sticky 😀

Since then, I’ve pretty much been living my best life ever as corny as it sounds. Every week is more productive than the week prior because I strive to become better every day. I’m now a (not problem but) “solution” oriented, powerful “idea magnet” that I never could have been some months ago had I not taken the steps toward properly developing my mentality to block negative influences! You can be one too, we all can but the difference between those who succeed or fail is the actually taking action part.. if that made any sense! You NEED to begin taking the steps towards becoming the better person you were designed to be because you can spend years going nowhere trying to figure out why you’re still there.


Again, action without the proper mindset or knowledge isn’t always great but like I said, just having the knowledge alone isn’t too awesome either. Don’t sit on it for years like I did, I already made the mistake for you so you don’t have to. Your knowledge should propel you towards a better mindset to take the necessary action you need to get you to your vision.

So use everything on his page wisely… as if your life depended on it… Because it does lol -Les Brown paraphrased

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