Challenges & Road Blocks

Road Block Quote“So many challenges when you’re on the road to becoming more successful, so when you get to them don’t hate the present… they’re only there because of where you’re headed…” – Something I thought of brushing my teeth…

See they wouldn’t be in your way if you weren’t on your way to something great, now would they? Everything that gets in your way is always for your benefit, your job is just to find out what that benefit is. On many occasions you will not figure out that benefit until days, weeks or sometimes years later once you connect the dots.

Keep in mind if you weren’t going toward anything great or important to you.. don’t worry because road blocks seldom get in the way of someone who isn’t progressing forward. A dog doesn’t bark at a parked car, as long as you’re moving… you will be tested.

Some doors need to be closed, some relationships HAVE to end but you won’t always realize it in the present as it’s happening to you… Unless.. you keep a clear picture in your mind of where you’re going! Let stupid things happen, let stupid people hurt you, it’s all to prepare you for what’s coming! That’s okay 😀

How appreciative are you of something you acquire if you went through little to nothing to get it? Diplomas feel great because you think of the hard work you endured to get them! Gold metals are awesome because you remember the early mornings and nights you were up training for them!

Think of challenges as your TRAINING PERIOD.
Because that’s all they are. When you take a test in school, you’re doing it to attain the grades you want. When you train in the gym, you’re doing it to attain the body, health and mental edge that you want! So when you’re training in life, if you want the wealth, happiness and prosperity there’s a truck load of training that has to come with it! EMBRACE the CRAP out of them because how well you do with these tests will determine your grade later in LIFE!

“Don’t wish it were easier, wish you were better” -Jim Rohn


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