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Lately Song Rehearsal

Jan 19

How to Make New Year Resolutions Work – 3 Simple Ideas

Hey everyone, happy Sunday I guess!

Attached I have a video I shot last Saturday 1/4 in regard to how to make new year resolutions work. It’s basically my take in goal setting in general and I hope you find it helpful.

Video Transcript
“What’s going on everybody it’s about 5:45 am, right before I exercise I want to drop a little bit on you. Want to talk about, new years resolutions and goals in general. I have some notes here so I’ll be looking back and forth, I guess you didn’t need to know that but anyway. Three things to help you, stay on track with your New Year’s resolutions, stay on track with your goals.

First thing is, if you’ve been going around saying “new year new me” for the past 10 years and it’s still the same you, it probably has nothing to do with the year but a lot more to do with you because you’re the one saying it. So the first thing is, you have to recognize that trend, you’re carrying over the same habits from years prior… days prior. You are reproducing what you are, you’re not reproducing what you want because you’re not getting what you want. So the first thing you have to realize is, you’re putting off to tomorrow what should have been done last year.

Second thing: To think you need to wait till January 1st every single year to make a change, make a difference in your life, and change direction, is the most ridiculous thing ever. You have every day to change that.

So today is January 4th, let’s say by Sunday, that’s in two days.. You realize this year is not going the way you planned.. It’s really ridiculous to say “let me wait till next year, 2020 to make a change” or “maybe wait until next month, February, to make a change” You can make a change right now… it is 5:55, at 6:55 I can decide to do a different workout and not do the workout I originally planned to do or decide hey, I’m going to eat an apple instead of grabbing cake… It’s not a hard concept to grasp but people have issues grasping it.

Last and final thing: Write down what’s going right in your life…
I can have a bunch of fans telling me that I’m awesome and the second one fan tells me ‘I suck’ that’s all I remember. We’re programed to only remember the bad things So technically at the end of the year we didn’t really have a bad year we’re just only remembering the negativity that happened because we have such a strong emotional connection to it. What you want to do, is right down everything that went great during that year, that day, or during that week. You want to look at it at the end of the week or listen to it at the end of the day..

That will keep you from naturally focusing on so much negativity that it’s used to focusing on. Bring your spirits up and make you realize you didn’t have such a bad week, month or year..

Do that every so often and by the end of 2019, you’ll be saying “wow, this year was really great and I didn’t realize how many blessings I had..” most years you get blessed a lot and there are a ton of things to be thankful for but the problem is we’re only focused on the negative things that happened.. Which is why we say “this wasn’t my year..”

We say that for the next 10 or have been saying it for the past ten.. You can change your life drastically if you do these three things, I hope this helped someone.

Sep 18

Babe 3.0 – Jaron feat. Joy, Zoe & Bey (Drea’s Song)

Hey You!

Here to inspire with another SONG(VIDEO) for my wife congratulating her on receiving her Masters Degree in Social Work! I have featured our two daughters, Joy, Zoe and Beyonce without her approval because I do not have her phone number.

Please understand that if Drea can do it, you can also! Never forget, there is a 95% chance that someone out there is extremely successful in what you are in pursuit of right now. Let that person be the blueprint and proof that anything is possible for you as well! I spoke briefly on this in my Babe 2.0 Video.

The song is a cover of me saying lyrics over the Jay Z and Kanye West track “Lift Off” featuring Beyonce.

Enjoy the song 🙂

Lyrics Below

Zoe: Check 1, 2
Joy: Check 1, 2


Get em BABE! Check.. Uh.
Don’t even realize what you did,
beautiful example for our kids.
Growing may be kinda rocky but they’ll finish strong because they (Joy/Zoe)follow Mommy,
Everything you want, you always go for, spirit so pure, experience is out of body,
I could probably find another wife,
Not another you, cause there’s no one a like,
And even if she was amazing,
It could never represent the same thing,
A ton of excellence, the same dream,
Only encompasses a brave queen,
I’ll solidify each point slow,
You represent (Joy)Babe 3.0.
Everywhere they said she can’t go,
You made it possible, reap and sow then reaped again,
Thought your time was up, checked the clock and told each hand “no,”
Now your spirit is a free channel,
So let the good vibes flow,
Keep showing them what’s possible,
And don’t forget, you are phenomenal!
It’s possible, it’s possible,
You can make it there on any budget,
It’s possible, you’re powerful,
Women look at you and you remind them of it,
Phenomenal is what you are, that’s the message you convey and that’s why I love it,
Told yourself “there’s nothing I can’t do,”
Younger girls are saying (Joy/Zoe)”I can too…”

Was a time when you were not as calm,
Elevation, you’ve been moving all along,
Dedication, struggle? you were not alarmed,
The bottom is a place where you do not belong,
What you didn’t get wasn’t meant to be, just a strategy to move you outta harms, way…
Now you okay, speeding pass anyone who felt that you were not as strong.

Celebrate, glowing up with grace,
Let em hate, the glow is on your face,
Better state, show them how to place first,
Educate em babe, the globe is outta shape,

Show them they’re potential, show them outer space,
Show them all the stars, show em they relate,
The teacher when they feel alone and outta place,
On schedule, guess you were not as late… Zoe- “Celebrate”

As you used to think you were,
Fly amongst the stars, you can see the earth,
From where you are now, still humble,
All the times you wondered if your dreams would even work,

3.0 is just a term I use to help articulate a better version of yourself,
What you’re destined for is slowly just revealing,
Brace yourself, this still only the beginning!

Thanks for listening!

Comment and let me know some of YOUR goals!

Sep 18

Drea’s Collage – Mrs. MSW

Above is a video and song for my wife congratulating her on getting her Master’s Degree in Social Work.

Love you Babe, you deserve it!

Aug 18

Jaron – ReUnited (Prod. by KayPryor)

Hey All, here to inspire with some more music for August 2018. The song is called “ReUnited” Prod. by, KayPryor. I recorded this about three days after releasing the Winner’s Block song and pretty much did nothing with it after so I’m uploading it for you now. Instead of letting it collect dust in my computer folder, here it is for you and the lyrics for it are listed below.

(Verse 1)
Yeah, just tryna stay on course,
And you know, I often thought for long,
Music helps me maintain composure when I’m not as calm.
It’s been an awful long time since me and my first love really hit it off, years we’ve been off and on.
I contemplated change, stop and dated others, but my love probably costs a song,
relationship is complicated…

Not my favorite roller coaster, how can I explain it?
Ain’t even coasting, every time I left, she stopped and waited.
Lot of patience, ups and downs, in and out of basements,
And every new love, I felt was the wrong replacement.
Hard engagement, not a “from the heart” engagement,
The art of basic, empty promises was all it came with,
People told me wait patiently and I could make it but they never did,
That’s a dumb rule and I’ma break it.
I think different, I’ll let ya’ll convey it,
Misery loves company, it’s like ya’ll all related,
So I’m good, I read between the lines so I see beyond the pages,
Let myself advance and watch as everyone evolves and changes.
Home girl never changed on me through all my changes,
We back together now, finally in a better spot,
Birds of a feather flock together, eagles never flock,
High against the sun, I guess you can say my feathers hot,
Issues in the passed, I never persevered instead I stopped,
But now we all good, even when the weather not,
Do we got it locked? Nothing rude or metaphorical,
But I don’t like to answer cause I’m used to less rhetoricals,

Many years ago remember we collided,
Now we’re finally at a place where we can’t be divided,
I’ma keep you in my heart, buried deep inside it,
It’s forever cause we always win together, REUNITED.

(Verse 2)
No reason for us to strategize to stay together,
Cause music been where my passion lies, I say for better,
Or for worse, when we’re not together the more it hurts,
Used to sit, watch and say nothing, I can’t afford to lurk..
I hated critics, shut up and just enjoy the verse,
But any different I guess they’d think I was bored at work,
So they wouldn’t talk, if they ain’t crickets, you’re obviously a threat, so expect, that they would try to destroy you first.

That mean you making noise, be proud of that,
Better critics over crickets, I just thought of that…
said I’m good, no smooth mountains, don’t avoid the Rockies,
Or you’ll end up an average person or a boring copy…
The gift of music called for years, I ignored her proudly,
She can inspire, or make you wanna destroy your body,
Told me the music we get influenced by is sorta sloppy,
So how do you suppose you’re gonna change the world without me?

Fair enough, I said we back together but don’t think you need me,
I can inspire in other ways it just won’t be as easy…
Said it’s not the music you make, it’s what they see in you,
Theoretically music doesn’t need you, the people do…

Also, many years ago remember we decided,
We could bring people together that they keep divided,
We’re not together to make music, but to redefine it,
It’s forever cause we all win together, reunited…

Change the world… yea it sounds good… it makes a quality chat… that’s what everybody says, but all we attract is the opposite… love is what we commonly lack… I can hardly relax…

Jul 18

Free Inspirational Music Online – Winner’s Block by, Jaron

Hey all, here to inspire with some more free inspirational music online.

Title of this song is “Winner’s Block” by Jaron. Produced by KayPryor and StreetEmpire.

Enjoy Above, Lyrics Below

Song Lyrics

You wanna hear great? come right here.
Not concerned with them other people y’all might fear,
You must have accidentally told someone I cared,
I’ll pass, no fire, all gas, a tall glass, while they broadcast all their dumb ideas.
I’ve been waiting on the right time, ideas light years ahead of most, so you may not really like mine,
Back then in the lane, thought I moved up, wasn’t even waiting in the right line.
Currently I’m winning in a world that’s all bruised,
Cause I’m not living in the world that y’all choose,
Cause the longer we hate each other for strong views, then the longer we remain divided we all lose, I’m going in.
Sick of all the garbage and lousy material, all cued ready for the downbeat, there it go.
Vibe to this, hope my kids ain’t around for this, to hear me snap on the counterfeits.
And naw, I ain’t hating for strong views but when it come to blacking I eliminate all rules, I’m not intimidated by the limits that y’all use, I’m not affiliated y’all don’t give them the wrong shoes to fill, naw, naw,
They ain’t filling em right.
Don’t compare me to anyone you ever called real in your life.
If all he do is rap good then what’s really to like?
Few friends, I don’t really invite,
But just a bit of advice, I know a few break.
Better use hate to push you to do great,
Going up you gotta push through a few fakes,
They don’t want no parts in my new space, but it’s too late.

(Verse 1)
Y’all already involved, the ain’t never liked me, I don’t get an applause,
Jaron 3.0 is already installed and I’m just telling you all, I didn’t get to evolve when I started out.
Now I’m in a different state of mind and it’s hard to stop,
And I was missing 8 or 9 out of all my shots,
Now they can sit and wait in line while I’m on the clock,
I’m on a different rate of time, can’t pawn my watch,
Cause my time zone doesn’t exist,
My vision of me winning wasn’t a myth,
They told me that I shouldn’t, but I’m convinced and every time I fall down I make another attempt.. and y’all like,
“give it up, you actually tried,”
Funny story, I still haven’t died.
Till that arrives I’m just doing what I love,
Expect me to win, but still act surprised.

(Hook 1)
Made to win, so I can’t put my passion aside,
I’m from the Winner’s Block,
Just me and myself and I ain’t never asked for a ride,
I’m from the Winner’s Block,
Don’t hate on me and get mad if I happen to rise, cause…
I’m from the Winner’s Block,
Start to watch and understand and believe I ain’t here to just talk a lot,

Said I own it,
Understand and believe I ain’t here to just talk a lot,
Said I own it,
Understand and believe you ain’t here to just talk a lot,
You better own it,
Understand and believe we ain’t here to just talk a lot,
Cause I own it,
Made to win, trust me, you would be smart to watch.

Said I own it,
Understand and believe I ain’t here to just talk a lot (Background-I’m from the Winner’s Block)
Said I own it,
Understand and believe you ain’t here to just talk a lot (Background-I’m from the Winner’s Block)
You better own it,
Understand and believe I ain’t here to just talk a lot (Background-I’m from the Winner’s Block)
Cause I own it,
Understand and believe we ain’t here to just talk a lot (Background-I’m from the Winner’s Block)

(Verse 2)
My desire is unmatched, my resume says “High School” and “some rap,”
Used to hate to lose, but it took going through the fire to understand the value of one match.
Cause of that, now I am getting more across-the-board,
Appreciate the win more cause I lost before
One door try to close, I just knock the door down,
If I make a mess, they can mop the floor, I ain’t playin wit em.
All I needed was time and a window, my whole grind is a mental state of the mind where the top is not a prize or a venue I’m trying to get to..follow me..
Realize I already won, I’m just sharing a sound, it’s just a mindset I live by and carry around..
Think that’s deep? It probably is and I don’t plan on winning next week, I already did

(Hook 2)
Because I live to win,
It’s the code that I live by,
I’m from the Winner’s Block,
On a whole nother plane, imagine the window that I sit by,
I’m from the Winner’s Block,
Don’t hate on me or get mad cause I actually did fly,
I’m from the Winner’s Block,
I’m out the box,
Understand and believe I ain’t here to just talk a lot,

Said I own it,
Understand and believe I ain’t here to just talk a lot,
Said I own it,
Understand and believe you ain’t here to just talk a lot,
You better own it,
Understand and believe we ain’t here to just talk a lot,
Cause I own it,
Made to win, trust me, you would be smart to watch.

Said I own it,
Understand and believe I ain’t here to just talk a lot (Background-I’m from the Winner’s Block)
Said I own it,
Understand and believe you ain’t here to just talk a lot (Background-I’m from the Winner’s Block)
You better own it,
Understand and believe I ain’t here to just talk a lot (Background-I’m from the Winner’s Block)
Cause I own it,
Understand and believe we ain’t here to just talk a lot (Background-I’m from the Winner’s Block)

(Verse 3)
Made to win, don’t you even begin to doubt,
You want change? Go look in the couch.
They could moan, they could play, but I own when I say,
If I don’t give it my all, I don’t give it out.
A winner’s mouth-no talk, we just figure out,
So when in doubt just watch it unfold right in front of you,
A true winner realizes that they’re untouchable
and only the loser becomes uncomfortable,
Talking facts.. down to earth, but I’m off the map,
Fierce words with my heart attached,
Gotta slow it down to bring it all together cause it’s hard to “cap-ture”
The message I was brought to rap.
So in the end, you may wanna listen again,
Cause anything you really truly understand is a win,
And next year I promise you’ll see me in a bigger spot,
Signing off, welcome to the Winner’s Block.

(Hook 3)
Made to win, so calm with a fire untamed within,
I’m from the Winner’s Block,
Live to win, but don’t play, let them other people play pretend,
I’m from the Winner’s Block,
Don’t hate on me, if you actually like it, you lame as them,
I’m from the Winner’s Block,
I just became more hard to stop,
and understand I’m not here to just talk a lot…

Said I own it,
Understand and believe I ain’t here to just talk a lot,
Said I own it,
Understand and believe you ain’t here to just talk a lot,
You better own it,
Understand and believe we ain’t here to just talk a lot,
Cause I own it,
Made to win, trust me, you would be smart to watch.

Said I own it,
Understand and believe I ain’t here to just talk a lot (Background-I’m from the Winner’s Block)
Said I own it,
Understand and believe you ain’t here to just talk a lot (Background-I’m from the Winner’s Block)
You better own it,
Understand and believe I ain’t here to just talk a lot (Background-I’m from the Winner’s Block)
Cause I own it,
Understand and believe we ain’t here to just talk a lot (Background-I’m from the Winner’s Block)

Feb 18

How to Find My Passion in Life – 3 Tips, It Is Not Money

I’ll attempt to paraphrase a Steve Harvey quote: Your passion or purpose is most likely something you can do the absolute best with the least amount of effort.

That’s it… Onto the tips!
Jaron in the studio

1. Enjoy it!

I also believe it should be something you somewhat enjoy doing because prior to blogging, I was great at setting banquet functions as a hotel employee however, I didn’t necessarily enjoy it. For this reason, I believe you can venture into a practice you’re absolutely fabulous in, make millions from it and never find fulfillment. Back then in the hotel environment around 2007, I had no idea how to find my passion in life but the mere fact I wasn’t happy hinted a few things.

-Ask yourself this question…
With money completely removed from the equation… What is something you would enjoy doing every single day without getting tired of it? Deep down inside you associate pain with the absence of it(probably something you’re NOT doing at your current job you would daydream about…) Having the notion you would never be compensated for it however, still a burning desire to do on a daily basis… Writing, developing software, playing video games, working out at the gym, etc? Any ideal answer for you specifically, there’s probably a 90% chance someone out there is getting paid for it as you read this.

My answer would be creating music, blogging, helping people and all else would be subcategorized under those mentioned above. These are activities I experience happiness through whether or not I get paid for them.

2. Remove Money From the Equation

Once an individual feels their passion is to make money, they usually go into a downward spiral of business and job hopping due to unfavorable results. The results being – The MONEY. You can acquire happiness this afternoon but once you feel money is the only thing that can ultimately bring it..you’ll be unhappy in its pursuit and easily give up due to the lack of a good mental attitude in that business or job you were never passionate about to begin with.

Here’s another kicker…
If you ever were to lose the money you did in fact attain, your happiness would go away right along with it.

People remain in job situations they hate simply for the money it comes with. On another hand, someone will remain in a career they love for LESS pay. When they dislike it, the paycheck is often at the expense of their happiness, health and fulfillment. This is commonly why a person can go for more money with a similar opportunity, figuring they’ll be happier if the same headaches paid more.. Unfortunately, this reoccurs every month or two into the new occupation until they hone in to what ultimately brings them joy to practice(job hopping.)

In regard to business, when money is the only target.. shortly after each venture the mind considered a “failure,” it naturally redirects itself to shoot for the next available option in terms of finances(business hopping.) Unfortunately, the game of going from one business to the next can last longer than the time it actually takes to become massively successful in ONE SINGLE BUSINESS…ONE YOU ACTUALLY ENJOY AND STICK TO.. You can business hop for five years and miss an opportunity that would have originally taken six months to one year to accomplish.

When happiness is produced from an activity you love, time stops. When you feel as if you can do something forever, you lose track of time, accidentally skip meals and become unstoppable. This is when compensation arrives because when you love an activity enough, life tends to provide you with similar circumstances and resources to support the way you feel. Understand, you can fail at something other’s become incredibly successful in because it’s their passion, NOT YOURS. Therefore, YOU can also become incredibly successful at what others failed in simply because the passion is in you to do it!

3. Remember, Experiences Will Always Outweigh Materials

The pleasure that nice cars, big homes and finances provide are awesome however, they are all short-lived because… how many cars can you purchase? How many homes can you acquire? Exuding riches from the equation entirely, I’m sure you have an old pair of sneakers somewhere that you once loved before even making the purchase. In time, the pleasure of owning them decreased due to the lack of true happiness they failed to provide.

…In Other Words
When you seek happiness through tangibles such as money, cars, homes and shoes, it decreases with the value of those materials. Most people are unconsciously wired to feel that happiness can only come through something of monetary value, therefore, when happiness goes down… expenses go up to accommodate for the next large purchase to refresh that feeling of euphoria BUT… it only serves the purpose of “refreshing” which means it cannot be sustained unless the action is consistent. Bankruptcy anyone?

My Experiences
Cars can be repossessed, shoes can become worn out and homes can taken away unfortunately. However, time with my family, great experiences with close friends, skills I’ve learned, work I love, a heart for people, my health, being a great father or husband etc.. can NEVER be taken away from me whether or not I go bankrupt tomorrow. Flood your life with more experiences than material and you’ll become more mentally wealthy than that of the loneliest billionaire.

Re-Cap and Comments

When you enjoy your work, life will pay you an overwhelming amount for it. Finding your passion is just a matter of where happiness and fulfillment find you. Wow, I actually just thought of that myself 😀

Anyway, this is why I create music and help people in the process. My music in particular I don’t feel is made for the average ear so if you happen to fall into the “above average” category, I think you’ll be in for a treat by signing up to take a listen.

Feel free to share your thoughts and input below in regard to your passion in life as well.


0.33 Sec Video That Sums All 1,000 Words Up

Dec 17

Love You Man -R.I.P. Daddy

I normally have mouthful to say in many posts but for this one… at the moment (12/13/17) I’m a bit speechless.

This post/video is a tribute to one of the best men I’ve ever encountered, my father.

R.I.P. Daddy.. Way too soon, still unbelievable but a life ABSOLUTELY well lived!

Love you man ❤️


FB Post - Tribute to Father

Jun 17

How to Live a Life You Love – Babe 2.0 Video

Jaron & Drea's WeddingMost of us are familiar with the term “barely living” however, even though we’re familiarized with it we often have trouble keeping our living state out of that category.

Plenty of us wake up to alarm clocks we hate to hear, get dressed for work we don’t enjoy for a wage we feel isn’t enough. You can become dormant in these situations and feel helpless simply because you weren’t taught properly how to live a life you love.

Press to play the short 3min video below and listen as I go into further detail in regard to my wife Andrea.

Babe 2.0 – My Wife’s Story

This video, among many other videos I’m proud of actually helped me get through a lot without even realizing it. Even though I created it, often when you’re the teacher you learn more than anyone you’re teaching. With each creation, I learn a tad bit more about myself, my life and purpose. Self improvement for myself as well as anyone reading is the VERY REASON I currently LOVE creating these.

Jim Carrey said in his commencement speech to Maharishi University of Management, that his father could’ve been a stand up comedian but instead he got a “safe job” as an accountant. Later on he was let go from it and his family had to do whatever they could to survive. He said one thing he learned from his father was that you can fail at what you don’t want(referenced in the above video) so you might as well take the chance on doing what you love.

I would classify “what you love” as something that will get you up early in the morning and keep you up late at night. Many of us have issues discovering exactly what that is because we’re so busy trying to make money with something we don’t necessarily have the passion for. I struggled with this for pretty much my whole my life until I realized my passion for helping people in general was stronger than any of the businesses I started up JUST for the money.

My wife Drea realized this for herself and I’ve never seen her this happy working at a job…which is fine, as long as she knows where she’s headed. People who do what they love often don’t care about the money they’re being paid because the fulfillment outweighs the funds and usually when that happens, extra funds are then rewarded to you ?

Feel free to comment below with YOUR OPINION, insight, suggestions, questions and if you’d like to take it a step further… fill in your best email to get my 3 latest releases in your email.

You’re Awesome!


Music by Really Slow Motion

Buy their music:

Amazon : http://amzn.to/1lTltY5

iTunes: http://bit.ly/1ee3l8K

Spotify: http://bit.ly/1r3lPvN

Bandcamp: http://bit.ly/1DqtZSo

Visit us on:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ReallySlowMotion

Twitter: https://twitter.com/RSMmusicSound

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/reallyslowmotion

Apr 17

Get Out Movie by Jordan Peele – Jaron’s Song Review

Hey everyone, my name is Jaron and above I have my song review for the Get Out movie by Jordan Peele. Interesting concept I thought of maybe a few months back in regard to movie reviews and here is my very first.. Now, I often don’t watch these type of movies simply because of the analytical aspect of my brain that never allows me the pleasure and comfort of being simple minded.

In other words, my mind processes EVERY SINGLE ONE of my experiences over the course of 3 to 4 days until it becomes something of a more deep and powerful meaning when it could began as something little as… I don’t know.. not saying “Thank You” after I hold the door for you! (I forgive you now if you’re reading) But then of course, it would also depend on the environment, their age bracket, appearance, weather, the vibe I was in that day… And see, this is exactly what I mean 🙂 and we’re off topic already.

Anyway, shortly after the release of Get Out I was told by many to hurry up and go see it. My main reaction was “I cannot because of the way my mind works..” Later on something spoke to me and said, “..Your wiring is different and that’s EXACTLY why you NEED to go see it…” Long story short, now you’re here! I tried my best in this song not to spoil anything but more importantly than anything else is the positive message I’m trying to convey to EVERY HUMAN BEING on the planet.

Enjoy, this was fun as sht to make!!!! Yes, very passionate about this topic!

PS. The significance of using the “One Mic” instrumental by Nas is in essence.. referencing the fact that there was a time in the past where we rarely had just ONE.
I will make no money off this song but if I did and got sued, for the message it’d be so worth it! 😀

Let me know what you think!

(Direct YouTube Link | Click Here)

#GetOutMovie #Motivation2017 #Inspire

#PleaseSHARE With Someone This Video Might Help

Song Lyrics:
(Verse 1 – Chris)
Whoa, I aint likin this… Bad vibes but feel like I don’t have the right to just,
State my opinion, you can’t really call a lie or myth,
They say it aint so, but I feel it still might exist.
It’s the mind of Chris, nothing new to be scared or terrified,
Nothing on my body’s moving but tears, I’m paralyzed,
Trying to speak, no one usually hears,
But then when I speak up, I’m labeled as the one you should fear.
Feel like I’m sunk in a hole, it’s uncomfortable here.
And I’ve been trying to get out for a number of years,
And off and on I feel I should be more advanced,
It was hard for me to move long before shorty put me in the trance.
How’d I get here? Everything is sort of strange,
Wonder if her family knew that I was black before I came,
Judged a book by the color, I don’t feel we’re on the same page,
In fact the longer that I stay, I feel you’re more deranged.
See my people buggin, I ain’t about to be next,
And Rose still ain’t find the keys yet, deep breath.
Feel like my life is over,
I love Rose…she means well, but it’s gone take everything inside me later not to choke her.

Great they voted for Obama, glad you’re watching Oprah,
I regret meeting them or ever stopping over,
Mind is over matter, think it’s corny… they made everything I think destroy me,
Gained control, made me suffer, barely laid a finger on me.
It trips me out seeing how good a person could pretend,
Welcomed me with open arms, exactly how they pulled me in,
The predicament they den put me in, aint proud of it…
You ever find yourself beginning to sink… get out of it!

(Verse 2 – Dean)
My name’s Dean and this part of the song, is to help you understand why Chris’s mind is partially gone.
We lured you in, yes.. manipulation started with charm,
The mind is a terrible thing to waste so where it doesn’t belong, we move it elsewhere.
Nice and easy, some would say I’m kind of greedy,
But you would never know, I’m smiling almost every time you see me.
What’s not to like? We fed you dinner, got an awesome wife,
You’d never think I’m racist, you know I voted for Obama twice.
In fact, in regard to whites, were not all alike,
We’re not all racists but I am, yeah I’m not as bright,
Why I think this way? Who knows? Maybe my father might…
Born into the same ignorant programming regarding life..
And it’s my dad, I was taught that parents were always right,
Conditioned to see the difference in dark and light,
I’m not intelligent enough to say if it’s wrong or right,
so I argue, fight and hate anybody that disagrees with me, keep yall advice.
War is too easy to start, and Ima drive my point home if it kills me, no reason to park,
My white friends all agree it’s hard to see in the dark,
And ignorance is gold, whatever’s said is easily bought.
United as a people, please… that don’t need to be taught,
Cause I ain’t never seen as equal, they should keep us apart,
Don’t even like the same music, I don’t see the art,
I hate this very song regardless of the meaningful thoughts,
It may provoke, like say it’s hope you the recipe for,
Because of your skin color, I’ll elect to ignore,
And turn it off, I don’t care who your messages is for,
And stand down, be like most and hit accept or ignore.

And even if your motive to was to help the needy,
Ima twist your words and still make you look bad, if they’re ignorant, they’ll believe me,
Easy to trick someone who eats, sleeps and inhales the TV,
Pure manipulation to sell a lie or to sell a CD.
Prey on the weak, the smile is where the trap begins,
When they’re intelligent, they’re much harder to apprehend,
Keep them hypnotized, they can’t tell when they’re trapped within,
It’s hard for you to get out without realizing that you’re in.

(Verse 3 – Jaron)
I’m Jaron, I think I’m easy to like.
I don’t think every race is just as dumb as Dean and his wife,
I think there’s still some good people,
I don’t mean the polite ones that smile and backstab you.. I don’t think that it’s right.
It’s not white or the black, it’s more than that,
This type of trap has kept us all divided for years,
And then we sort of act like we should keep fighting our peers to get us more relaxed,
The only thing we’re fighting is tears, we’re just resorting back..
To the main cause of the problem, we just destroy, attack and harm one other every chance we get,
This is real life, I always say it can’t be this,
But I ain’t never been the type to say it can’t be fixed.
I got a deeper method,
What if we came together and stood united up against the negative force that’s trying to keep a separate.
The more we fight, we the people lose the control,
So the longer we stay divided, we just lose as a whole.
And I know my history, where we started and all,
So I ain’t a graceful Glenn or positive Paul.
But the system can a longer break me, it’s taught to babies,
I know long before you knew who I was that you were taught to hate me.
I know the thought is crazy, even worse before the word racism was even birthed,
We were known as people first.
I’ve been doing some hard thinking and long blinking,
Realizing the longer we fight each other, we’re all sinking…