Oct 14

Rapping at Work (late post) | Video

Why I haven’t posted a video I created about 3 months ago YET? WHO KNOWS! Here it is tho, me rapping at work over a KrissiO instrumental. About a minute long, enjoy!

Jun 14

Drake 0 to 100 (Jaron’s Mix)

Drake – 0 to 100 (Jaron’s Mix) This cover seriously took WAAAAY to long to actually BEGIN recording, but here it is! Jaron – 0 to 100, hope you enjoy it! Share, repost, use the music in your videos, etc.

May 14

“Forever” Blog

Check out my Update on my Forever Track!(there’s music inside)

May 14

Pound Cake 2014 Video Blog

I think this is my first blog to be honest…lol…crazy I never even did ONE until now. I actually had fun tho, check it out!! (there’s music inside)

Sep 13

Watch Me 2013 Contest Video

Check it out!!

Mar 13

Motivation 2013

Jaron -Motivation 2013 (DFUOB #5 Entry) Prod by Dj Hoppa

Oct 12

Nothing New

Ironically I named the song “nothing new” after I made nothing new for a while…not that funny…. getting back into it! Get ready!

Jul 12

Motivation 2012

In my opinion probably one of the best videos I’ve done so far! Enjoy!

Jan 12

DFUTB Contest Entry 2012

One of my last videos right before I was able to afford a better camera. The Don’t Fu$k Up Our Beats Contest Entry(2012)

Dec 11

You Chose Me

Song I made from me to the fans | self explanatory 😉