Feb 17

No Excuses! Get Up! | Instagram Video

Sometime ago, specifically up until the middle of November 2016 I would always make excuses in regard to the time I felt I never had to go towards my dream… No more excuses for me, they have done nothing but push my goal farther away from me.

If you absolutely want something, you will do whatever it takes to make your dream a reality… whether it requires getting up early or staying up late! If you don’t want it that bad, you usually just won’t go for it! Please, don’t make the same mistake that I’ve been making for the last 10 years of not going for what I knew was mine!

Whatever you want always has your name on it but if you stall, stop or give up…your name can always be removed for someone else’s who kept going after you quit! Go out and get what belongs to you!

Feb 17

Bad Breath – Facebook Video

Bad Breath Analogy – Video

Jan 17

Motivation2017 – Jaron (Produced by, KrissiO) – Video

Among all the brand new hip hop songs, here is one of mine: Motivation 2017. Enjoy

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Song Lyrics:
(Verse 1)
I find myself getting annoyed a little
With low class lyrics, I barely enjoy the middle
Connecticut now is apparently more official
Clicked on the radio heard them playing ANoyd a little
Doing it big, don’t know him but knew he probably could, I’m actually a person that’s proud to see people doing good

Cause other music, I den heard enough and I ain’t done something like this in a while, I’m kinda nervous but, I get inspired when I think of people that my words can touch and every time a person doubted me it pushed me further up

I’m blessed, not too concerned with luck.. y’all learned to play, I learned the way and y’all gone learn today if y’all ain’t learned enough.

Happy you told me “hey don’t write this,” I heard it but after you told me they won’t like it, they turned it up.

Deserve it much, I’m burning up, my coat is gone
Guitars I can’t afford to break them.. I’m sort of calm,
And still amped, my motivation is sort of strong
Songs, by mistake I destroy the papers I wrote them on
My passion, I can’t afford to shake it, I’m focused on
The chance, they told me I can’t afford to take it at fourth and long
Excuses, couldn’t afford to save them, they’re on the lawn
And those who told me, “they won’t like it”
You all were wrong
Not a rebel but red lights, I call them yellow
Motivated, whatever you call a break, I call it settle
Had a lot of reasons to quit and admit I thought of several
Black man grind, some call it great, some call it ghetto
You lost the metal anytime I’m behind in time, cause I still go completely in when I’m off the schedule
They told me “they won’t like it,” I proved them wrong and I can tell that “they don’t like it..” moving on

Chorus (Hook)
Plenty times I’ve come(and done the same thing so it should be evident)
Every time I’ve won(because I rise further from the bottom I’ve)
Only just begun (and they don’t like it)
And everybody knows it now(and they don’t like it)
I guess every body knows it now
Motivation 2017, it’s going down

(Verse 2)
A fast pursuit, you cats could shoot at them average hoops, I can’t be contained, defense saw me and added troops,
Out last the group, that’s all I would have to do
Cause everybody mother and pet dog is a rapper too
For me, a 2017 resolution isn’t clear
I make resolutions for new days, forget the year
Listen here, they said have a seat but I missed the chair
And I can tell that, they don’t like it, but I forget to care
They’re brainstorming I gave warnings, hate lemon juice
They threw me lemons, I just let them dispute how I made orange
4AM I grind, if you lose against me then blame mornings, ain’t a fan yawning, if yours are then blame boring
Beyond the surface, I am pulled forward a monster purpose
Peep the change of tone, suddenly I’m no longer nervous
Even change your phone, can’t cover me if you got a service
People saying, they won’t like it, well now they heard it

Chorus (Hook)
Plenty times I’ve come(and done the same thing so it should be evident)
Every time I’ve won(because I rise further from the bottom I’ve)
Only just begun (and they don’t like it)
And everybody knows it now(and they don’t like it)
I guess every body knows it now
Motivation 2017, it’s going down

(Verse 3)
No trick Personna, I want you to challenge me, it’s an honor
Add me to the people of 17(2017) on your list to bother
I’m upfront cause I want it, I see you sitting farther
You sit and wonder, I’m getting stronger, you’re missing armor
A real message through lyrics, will make em listen longer
Call it hip-hop, that other mess is a different genre
Fruits of labor make groups of haters resent the farmer,
I can tell that they don’t like it, instant karma

Chorus(Hook) Mixed

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Jan 17

Loud Moaning – Instagram Video LOL

Yo lol I hope no one watching has to ever go through this. I contemplated leaving my clothes there and never going back. #Embarrassed #JustStupid!

Loud moaning…?? #HappyMonday #laugh

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Jan 17

Positive Circle – #Motivation2017 – Video

I haven’t posted in almost 5 years… well it feels like it but in early December 2016 I made my last excuse. If you want something bad enough, you’ll do the same. #Motivation2017 #ComingSoon

1/25/17 Update*
…and Motivation 2017 is here now – Click Here


Dec 16

2017 New Years Resolution – Video

New Year’s Resolutions are great, but always remember you can start RIGHT NOW. No need to wait until the 1st, every day is a new day…so is every minute of your life. Tomorrow isn’t promised but neither is the next 5 mins. Live your life everyday with that in mind and you’ll reach your full potential. YES, it’s corny but its also true!

Dec 16

Stay Motivated – Instagram Video


Been a while because I haven’t been motivated… I am again tho.. so yeah

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Sep 16

Goal Setting – Instagram Video

I feel it’s important to set goals because I learned a long time ago that people who don’t know what they want, often never get what they want. Don’t be one of them, set a vision and go for it!


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Aug 16

Getting Things Done – Facebook Video

Getting things done isn’t always easy when you don’t break them up into manageable peaces.

Aug 16

You’re Terrible – Facebook Video

I enjoy starting because I know 2, 5 or 10 years from now I won’t suck as much as I did in the beginning.
#YoullSuckAtIt #KeepGoing